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Awards & Analyses of Quality


                       Our recent award

Anax | Anax won the GOLD AWARD at the Olive Trophies 2023 competition by FILAIOS & Helexpo which took place at Detrop international exhibition of Thessaloniki.

Proof and certification of the high quality of our product is our award at the London International Olive Oil Competition-Quality Awards 2021.

Attached in pdf:

Anax was granted the award of "The Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards Bronze 2021-2022"  by the World Olive Center for Health due to the high phenols found in our extra virgin olive oil. High phenols have beneficial properties for human body. With this distinction our olive oil became a High Phenolic and a Health-Claimed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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The Aromatic and Sensory Analyses of our Olive Oil carried out by the University of Peloponnese, Kalamata olive oil taste laboratory, revealed rare indications which shows the great intensity and variety of aromas in our product, making it unique.


Few hours after harvest the olive fruits have been transformed into extra virgin olive oil through the method of cold extraction. Through this process, we produce a product of high quality, keeping the acidity of olive oil extremely low.

In addition, the most important polyphenols, oleocanthal and oleasin, which have anti-cancer action, are found in high levels in our olive oil, something which means that the total polyphenols are more than double.

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