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Anax's Journey

Our journey till the production phase is a difficult task, but at the same time a pleasant one, due to the connection it provides us with the land, our trees and the nature. This experience enhances our skills, further develops us as producers and professionals and ultimately as human beings.    


Our extra virgin olive oil, Anax, is a monovarietal product which is produced exclusively from our family olive grove and is harvested and collected with love and care. In our olive grove we strictly abstain from using any herbicides since the destruction of weeds found in our olive grove is undertaken exclusively by electric grass trimmers. As a result, we ensure that the environment is not aimlessly polluted with chemicals and our end-product remains pure. In addition, we have installed insect traps throughout the olive grove, so that, we avoid unnecessary spraying, and achieve, at the same time, a top notch olive fruit free of pesticides.


The olive fruit is harvested very carefully and exclusively with traditional methods, so that, all the necessary organoleptic characteristics are maintained and the acidity remains at very low levels. In order to reach such extraordinary result, the olives are harvested during the period they are still green (early harvest) circa at the end of October.


Once the olive fruit has been harvested, and within a few hours it has been absolutely transformed into extra virgin olive oil through the so called method of “cold extraction”. Via this process, we produce an end-product which has the following characteristics:

  1. Pure and unadulterated,

  2. Ultra-high quality and unparalleled taste,

  3. Very low acidity ( < 0.2 )

  4. High levels of polyphenols and no admixtures, which allow the consumer to receive all the nutrients that are paramount on its health and to enjoy it directly from our olive trees on his table.

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